S32 Design Studio 3.1 (Windows/Linux) released!

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S32 Design Studio 3.1 (Windows/Linux) released!

S32 Design Studio 3.1 (Windows/Linux) released!





Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

S32 Design Studio v3.1






Austin, Texas, USA

April 4, 2019


 The Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors' Embedded Tools Team at NXP Semiconductors is pleased to announce the release of the S32 Design Studio v3.1.  Here are some of its major features:

  • NXP GCC toolchains for ARM32 and aarch64 bareboard and Linux targets (GCC version 6.3.1 20170509, build 1574 revision g924fb68)
  • S32 Debug Probe support provided with S32 Debugger and S32 Trace tool for S32V234
  • S32 Trace tool is integrated to provide software analysis features (profiling, code coverage, and other)pastedImage_13.pngpastedImage_14.pngpastedImage_15.png
  • P&E Debugger support for S32V23x
  • Lauterbach Trace32® support
  • S32 Flash Tool is delivered to support Flash/SD/MMC memory programming for S32V234
  • S32 SDK for S32V23x 0.9.0 Beta is integrated. Release notes here.pastedImage_4.png
  • The S32DS Extensions and UpdatespastedImage_2.png
  • S32 Configuration Tool framework (EAR7) with the Pin, Clock, Peripheral, DCD, IVT, and DDR Configuration toolspastedImage_3.png

S32 Design Studio Versions

Versioning convention has changed. The version of this release identified in red box below:


Complete S32 Design Studio v3.1 release notes are available here.



To download the installer please visit the S32 Design Studio product page download section or click the direct here.




The installer requires the Activation ID to be entered. You should receive a notification email including the Activation ID after the download of the installation package starts.

The installer installs just the base tools/package. In order to start development it is necessary to install at least one Development package. Currently the only application package available is Vision S32V2xx  (Other packages are coming soon). The application packages are managed by S32DS Extensions and Updates.


Technical Support

S32 Design Studio issues are tracked through the S32DS Public NXP Community space.



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