HOWTO: Update S32 Design Studio

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HOWTO: Update S32 Design Studio

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HOWTO: Update S32 Design Studio

Online update

In standard situation update can be started by clicking on message box appeared after S32DS Launch:


If you don't see such message - you can check for updates/update your S32DS Installation manually. On main menu bar click on Help -> S32DS Extensions and Updates 


Select from available items, then click "Install/Update" button 


Offline update


Download update package from Updated/Patches (for S32DS 3.x - S32 Design Studio | NXP , for ARM S32DS - S32 Design Studio IDE for Arm® based MCUs|NXP, for Power Architecture S32DS - S32 Design Studio IDE for Power Architecture based MCUs | NXP ).

Click on Help -> S32DS Extensions and Updates and choose Go to Preferences.


Click Add...


Click Archive... and locate the zip file you downloaded and click OK


Select the packages and updates then start the installation with the Install/Update button. 



Hi, I am new here. I found that there has been a lot of versions of update for S32 DS, from update 1 to update 9.

Shall I install all updates? Or just to install the latest update?

Hello Leo,

these updates are cumulative, so you can install the last update only and all previous updates will be installed too. Please the link below: 



Thanks so much for your reply.

And I found that there are two kinds of S32ds : 2017R1 and V1.2. What is the difference between them? What kind of S32DS shall I use ?(I work with DEVKIT-MPC5744p).

Thank you previously.

Hello Leo,

S32DS 2017.R1 is the newest version. There are some bugs fixed and also, newer version of SDKs are supported. I recommend to use 2017.R1, because S32DS 1.2 is pretty old.



Thank you so much

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