Example MPC5777C Single ELF multi-core Pin Toggling - S32DS Power 2017.R1

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Example MPC5777C Single ELF multi-core Pin Toggling - S32DS Power 2017.R1

Example MPC5777C Single ELF multi-core Pin Toggling - S32DS Power 2017.R1

This Example demonstrates an alternative way to multi-core projects. This is basically a single eclipse project that generates the single elf file for dual core MCU (MPC5777C)

See the project structure below where the sources for each core are separated into a core specific source folder:


Main core0 [e200z7_0] performs basic initialization (Clocks, ports..)

Each core initializes the interrupt controller in order to service interrupts generated by PIT (Periodic Interrupt Timer):

Core 0 (e200z7_0) services PIT channel 0 interrupts generated once per second.

Core 1 (e200z7_1) services PIT channel 2 interrupts generated once per two seconds.

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Thanks for posting. How do you create such project using the S32 wizard? Is it possible? Is having only one elf a problem to debug multicore using Lauterbach (I am still waiting for my debugger head)?

I am new to NXP toolchain :smileyhappy:

Hi Frederico,

Sorry about delay. This project has been created manually - It cannot be generated by the New Project Wizard.

Anyway if you place this project into the example folder "<S32DS for Power>\S32DS\Examples\MPC5777C\" then you can use it as a template for your own projects:



Lauterbach TRACE32 supports multi-core debug and having just a single elf should not cause any problem with TRACE32.

The only difference is in a script that programs the device that flashes just a single elf instead of sequence of multiple elf loads.



Hi Stanislav,

I use a different processor - MPC5745R.


I want to create a template similar to what you have shown above for my processor and make it available to import as an example within S32DS. Can you guide me ?

Thank you.



I created a single ELF file for the two cores Z4_0 and Z4_1 for the MPC5745R target.  I use PEMicro cyclone to debug.

I have issue with debugger configuration. I created a new Launch configuration but when I run this configuration, I can only see the core_1 code and have no visibility into core_0 code in the debugger.

My application uses both cores and communication between them and hence it is important for me to be able to view the two cores and sequence /step through the code on each one independently.

Appreciate your help.

Thank you,





Hi Jyothsna.

Please send us an email at technical-info@pemicro.com with a summary of your complete hardware and software setup so we can help you troubleshoot this issue.


PEmicro Support

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