s12zvl lin 3C and 3D diagnostic id configuration


s12zvl lin 3C and 3D diagnostic id configuration

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Hi NXP team,

i am using S12ZVL chip, i am thinking that, I need to add frames in the schedule table definition(LDF file) for 3c and 3d frame usage for service 0x22. if i am wrong means please correct me.

i got struck in the selection of the item type. which item type i need to select for the SID 0x22? for reference i shared snapshot

 in item type there is the option called Frame. and there is a dropdown for selection for frames MasterReq & SlaveRes. if i use this frames where i need to update the data for this frame?

Thanks & regards,

Veeraju V Hallikeri

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Veeraju,


We recommend you use ld_send_message() and ld_receive_message() functions to send and receive diagnostics frames instead of using a schedule table for them. With these functions, you can update the data frame according to the current diagnostic status and change it in run time.


Best regards.

José Luis.

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