MC9S12DJ128CFUE EEPROM cannot work

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MC9S12DJ128CFUE EEPROM cannot work

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We use MC9S12DJ128CFUE a lot of years. Recently we find some MCUs have problem.  

We have made some detailed investigation of the problem.Here is a summary of the faulty MCUs…

 * programming (flashing) MCU takes a little longer than a good chip
* EEPROM module does not work (cannot save settings) when chip is secure
* EEPROM module only works when chip is unsecure (FSEC = 0xFE)
* MCU reports PARTID = 0x0100, which not listed in data sheet
* All are 2017 batches (xx17xx) but this is *not* an indication of pass/fail
* some chips with same xx17xx batch number (outside) report different PARTID (inside)

The PARTID mentioned above is the identification read from inside the chip.

Can you tell me what's the problem?

Best Regards,

KY Chang

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