RapidIoT: Led Matrix Easy & Quick start demo

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RapidIoT: Led Matrix Easy & Quick start demo

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

This following example shows the capabilities of the NXP’s RapidIoT to drive the MikroElektronika 8x8 B click module

through the SPI protocol.

This minimalist example to be flashed via MCUXpresso and a docking station embeds only mandatory environment for this application.


The main() is located in the source/ RapidIoT_8x8_B_click_demo_bm.c file

  • BOARD_InitBootPins()                          function sets the SPI pin mapping (pin_mux.h)
  • BOARD_InitBootPeripherals()                function configures the SPI (peripherals.h)
  • lptmr_Init();                                          function initializes the Low Power Timer (delays)
  • display_Configuration()                          function is used to correctly set the led matrix
  • display_Clear(), scroll_Columns(), scroll_Columns_back(), display_counter(),

        display_decounter(), bright_Configuration(), display_N(), display_X(), display_P(),

        scroll_Lines(), scroll_Lines_back(),  display_NXP(), display_RapidIoT()


       All those functions are used to play with the led matrix.

The code is fully documented.

There is also a readme.txt file located in doc directory that gives you all the information needed to make it works!


Feel free to adapt it to your needs !


Warning: Flashing K64 memory may erase kboot which is ok if you know that you no longer need it -see user guide for more information



Enjoy your RapidIoT!  

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Contributor V

Hi jean-francoisaupee,

    Thanks for the demo. It helped me in my project. However when I tried to modify it, I faced few issues. It would be helpful if you can take a look into this thread.

      Unable to flash new code in rapid iot board 

Thanks and Regards


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Thank you for sharing Jean-Francois!

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