NXP Rapid IoT and Sigfox - Sigfox ID discovery

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NXP Rapid IoT and Sigfox - Sigfox ID discovery

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Having a new new Sigfox click module you have to know its Sigfox ID in order to be able to register your new device. This example alows you to retrieve the Sigfox ID, print it out to serial port and show it directly on the display (=no need to launch serial monitor).

It expects you have the following equipment:


Once is the firmware uploaded to your NXP Rapid IoT, just touch right touch area or press right up button:


Uyou should get your Sigfox ID id a short time:


The Sigfox ID is dispalyed on NXP Rapid IoT Development Kit display as well as printed out to the debug output.

You can easily modify the script to discover the Sigfox PAC.

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