Weather station demo application and associated mobile and cloud code

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Weather station demo application and associated mobile and cloud code

Weather station demo application and associated mobile and cloud code


To support your applications development and because developing an IoT system requires various competencies, we have created a weather station example application, connected to the cloud.

This application is NOT meant to be the state of the art Weather Station application, but instead, is a tool to learn and kick start your own application development.

In this post, we share with you:

   - The C code to be flashed on the rapid IoT kit.

   - The Android and iOS mobile apps codes

   - The cloud and broker app codes

Under GitHub you can find code for the following components:  


The android mobile application version can be found at:


The iOS version link:

‎NXP IoT – Weather Station -  App Store 


The data sent to the cloud can be consulted here:

Login information is provided by the phone application (top right corner) and will be specific to the kits.

Documents can be found below, explaining how to use the application and how the mobile & cloud apps have been developped.



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I am getting this error message:

This repository has been deleted Our apologies, but the repository "mobileknowledge/weather_station_demo-androidapp" has been deleted. It now lives at

Also the new link above does not work.


links in orginal post were updated. Should work now. Please let me know if not the case


Hello M. Maurice,

Thank you very much for your big effort on this connected weather station ;D. It gives a lot of motivation to follow your tutorial step by step on all sides (Android / iOS/ Embedded / Server / Charts / Etc.). I've just scanned some of your docs so I have several (dummy) questions:

- How hard is it to avoid the "Amazon Web Services" to handle the data online? Why not using mySQL?

- Is this kind of project very different from this: Raspberry Pi – Open2300, station météo | Épinglé!  (it's a good -  sorry! - french DIY tutorial) based on Open2300 (Ken Lavrsen's project)?

Thanks again and all the best.


Jean-Marc Berthommé

Bonjour Jean-Marc,

You should really see the  example code we provide as a kick start to develop your own product/applcation. We could have selected a various alternatives on cloud services, so AWS is not a corner stone of the project. You could use any cloud actually.

I took a look at the Raspberry project you referred to. I would say the function is the same, but the overall architecture is very different and would address different needs/different compromises. The referred project is very much 'back end' (rather cloud side) oriented.

Keep in mind also that Rapid IoT is a prototyping kit: it is intended to save development time but it is not tailor to fit hard conditions: it is not waterproof for example...

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