T1042 No connect


T1042 No connect

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This is with reference to the T1042datasheet

They are calling out Seven No Connection pins that are connected to VDD in a reference design.

Could you tell me if these pins are NC or VDD connections? We are just about to finish our layout and need this information.

I have attached the document.

1042 Data Sheet

Reference Design Schematic - T1042D4RDB_revA_SCH.pdf

 Pins that are connected to VCC are M9, P9, T9, V9, Y8, Y9 and Y11.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

This is done for compatibility with T2081 processor.

If you are designing a board compatible with T2081, than you can connect these pins as required for T2081 processor - to VDDnn.

If you are not considering migration to T2081, and designing a board for only T1040 processor, than you can leave these pins as no connect.

We have a preliminary application note AN4773 describing migration between T2081 and T1040 families, this information is specified in Table 16 of this document. Sorry, I can not attach this document in in this public community, please enter a case to request this document.

How I could create a Service Request? 

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