I can't modify memory by ccs in p2040

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I can't modify memory by ccs in p2040

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I'm trying secure boot in P2040, I write SKRH mirror register by ccs::write_mem 0 0xfe0e807c 4 0 srkh1,then I read the value by ccs::display_mem 0 0xfe0e807c 4 0 1,I find the value still is 0x00000000,I don't know why?

At the same time,I find  I didn't program SRKH Mirror register,U-boot can boot up successfully,but scratchrw2 error code is super root key hash comparison failure,and sec_mon state is nor_secure.As I think,U-boot shouldn't boot up or print some failure message in u-boot console.

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