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DDRv licensing

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We have a license for CWA-LS-SPLST-FL_Z* which expires in June 2023. We are wondering if that should enable us to run DDRv and the SerDesVal tools for QorIQ (T2080) processors or if we need to purchase another license to support that. 

Also, I could not find a place on the website to down load the latest copy of the CodeWarrior package with the processor export for the T2080. Where can I find that? I can find the page for it, but never a download location to get the latest. I only use the tool for Processor Expert, DDRV and SerDes Val so I don't care if I can't compile/debug.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You could run DDRv and SerDesVal tools with this CodeWarrior license.

You could download CodeWarrior for PA 10.5.1 from the following link.


You could download QCVS for PA 4.5 from the following link.


After install CodeWarrior, please open CodeWarrior IDE, then install QCVS software from Help->Install New Software->Add->Archive.

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