P1023/P1017 Clocking Specific FAQs

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P1023/P1017 Clocking Specific FAQs

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P1023/P1017 Clocking Specific FAQs

Can a spread spectrum clock be used for the 66.66 Mhz DDR clock of the P1023? If so what percentage spread is allowed and what modulation frequency?

Yes, a spread spectrum clock can be used for 66.66 Mhz DDR clock. Please refer to below table for details:

Spread Spectrum Clock Source Recommendations

Parameter Min Max Unit Frequency modulation — 60 kHz Frequency spread — 1.0  %

For P1023 package, which is the GTX clock pin for TSEC1 and TSEC2?

According to the P1023 ballmap, V21 is the GTX clock pin of TSEC1 and T19 is the GTX clock pin of TSEC2.

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