Octal UART SC28L198 interrupt issue

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Octal UART SC28L198 interrupt issue

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Hi Team,

   We are using SC28L198 octal uart chip for interfacing with TI processor and using both tx and rx interrupt in octal uart.

   IRQ and IACK of the octal uart connected directly to the GPIO pins of the TI processor(RTOS). In tx interrupt, whenever we are having queue data that time we will enable the Tx interrupt with empty level. When no data in queue disabling the interrupt. In normal tx and rx interrupt it’s working fine by giving IACK signal, when we are doing local loop back test, I’m sending data continuously to tx fifo in each interrupt, inside interrupt only sending data to the TX FIFO, during loop back rx interrupt happened in tx interrupt service time so IRQ pin not going high when tx interrupt has finished its service. So IRQ pin always low in this case.

 when RX data is received at this time we are unable to get the interrupt even after clearing TX empty interrupt. RX interrupt is missing from queue. How can we handle it?



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