MPL3115A2 questions

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MPL3115A2 questions

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Hi All,

We are trying to use the MPL3115A2 for altitude measurement and I have several questions

  1. we are getting very noisy measurements +-3m. Is it normal?
  2. We also see drifting of the measurements.
  3. Looks like the MSL barometric pressure in our area is changing throughout the day between 29.88 to 29.93. This translates to 50ft difference. our product is not internet connected. How do we need to go about the Mean Sea Level Pressure? Are we supposed to enter this information manually multiple times a day? 
  4. Mounting questions
    1. How do we need to mount the sensor in our system?
    2. Does the hole need to point to the sky?
    3. can we put the sensor under a plastic enclosure?
    4. can we put it under metal enclosure?
    5. do we need to have a hole to the outside world?
    6. How can we make it water tight?

Thank you for your help



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