Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Automotive MCU v3.0.0

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Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Automotive MCU v3.0.0

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Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Automotive MCU v3.0.0





Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

Model-Based Design Toolbox

v3.0.0 2017.R1





October 16, 2017

Model-Based Design Toolbox v3.0.0 for NXP’s S32K1xx Automotive Microprocessors 


Main Features:

  • Embedded target support for S32K144 and S32K142 MCUs with example for S32K144EVB-Q100 and S32K142EVB-Q100 evaluation boards


  • Online installer available directly from MathWorks website Add-On Explorer.


Installation Guide step-by-step application to provide an improved user experience for toolbox download, installation and license generation from NXP websitepastedImage_8.png 

  • Documentation, help and S32K1xx examples fully integrated into MATLAB development environment for ease of use and fast prototyping


  • New peripherals support for:
    • Watchdog (WDOG)
    • Power Management Controller (PMC)
    • Low Power Timer (LPTMR)
    • Cryptographic Services Engine (CSEC)
    • FlexIO for supporting I2C, SPI and UART communications 
  • Add new functionalities for:
    • CAN with Flexible Data Rate (CAN-FD)
    • CAN with Rx FIFO
    • CAN Pretended Networking
    • Blocking or Non-Blocking transmit/receive modes for Communication blocks
    • FreeMASTER configuration block for embedded driver
    • Support for SRAM application download 
  • Enhance the support for all existing Simulink blocks to support basic and advanced mode of peripheral configuration
  • Support for MATLAB 2017b release
  • Integrates the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library release 1.1.9 for ARM M4 cores
  • Integrates the SDK release version 0.8.4 EAR for S32K1xx MCU. NXP’s Model-Based Design Toolbox generates codes based on standard SDK API, covering most of the functionalities exposed by SDK


Download NXP’s Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx:

or browse for file here: Model-Based Design Toolbox|NXP 


Getting Started Videos:

How to install Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx

How to get help with NXP's toolbox for S32K1xx

Basic & Advanced modes for configuration of S32K1xx

Motor Control example with S32K1xx

FlexIO Communication example with S32K1xx

Low Power Modes example with S32K1xx







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