Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K14x Automotive MCU rev2.0

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Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K14x Automotive MCU rev2.0

Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K14x Automotive MCU rev2.0


for S32K14x Automotive MCU rev2.0

 Download the product from Model Based Design Toolbox official webpage


Model Based Design Toolbox:

  • Assists Automotive customers with rapid prototyping and accelerates code development on NXP Automotive MCUs
  • Provides an integrated development environment and tool chain for configuring and generating all the necessary software (including initialization routines, device drivers and a real-time scheduler)
  • Automatic ANSI C code generation from MATLAB/Simulink™
  • Seamless integration with embedded coder including SIL and PIL models



 S32K Automotive MCU rev2.0 Enablement

  • Support for the new S32K144 MCU, S32K144EVB evaluation board and new chasses XDEVKIT-MOTORGD for motor control and XDEVKIT-COMM
  • Integrate the latest Automotive Math and Motor Control Library release 1.1.8 for ARM M4 cores
  • Integrate the latest SDK release version 1.0.0 for S32K Automotive MCU;
  • Integrates FreeMASTER version 2.0.2
  • Support for latest MATLAB versions including 64 bits (2015b, 2016a/b and 2017a);
  • Example Library for S32K peripherals and Motor Control scenarios;
  • S32K supported peripherals are highlighted on block diagram
  • Multiple enhancements and fixes over the previous version of the Toolbox version 1.0




 Help and Support

 Please join our Model Based Design Toolbox community for updates and support.

Click here to watch a quick install guide video


Click here to watch motor control demo with S32K rev2.0



Hi Daniel,

I've been looking at this development kit and cannot find the XDEVKIT-MOTORGD daughter board to buy anywhere. I believe there is another one called XDEVKIT-TRANSLATE, which one can find it mentioned in a brochure in the NXP website, however cannot be found anywhere to buy.

Could you advise where to get them? Or if they are even the best solutions for motor control using the S32K144EVB.

Kind regards,


Hi Diogo, 

I forwarded the question to the marketing team. As soon as i have the official links i'll update the post.

Thank you!


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