ZigBee/Wi-Fi Connectivity Gateway for the Smart Home

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ZigBee/Wi-Fi Connectivity Gateway for the Smart Home

ZigBee/Wi-Fi Connectivity Gateway for the Smart Home

Demo Owner AngelC

This demo shows the ability to control various wireless devices within a home network with a smart phone / Tablet. This is done by having a so-called gateway system consisting in Tower System TWR K60 Kinetis development module connected via Ethernet/Wi-Fi with a wireless router,  plus a Kinetis KW2x MCU device controls a ZigBee-based home automation 1.2 and a TCP/IP network using a single radio (Dual PAN) .

In brief, the Android application running in the tablet connects via Wi-Fi to the gateway, which translates every command to both ZigBee HA 1.2 and TCP/IP networks, thus enabling any Wi-Fi enabled device to control several devices even if using different communication protocols.


  • ZigBee and TCP/IP connection
  • Android application

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