Warehouse Management System

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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System



In the past , the production operator has to manually locate the components and assemble the various components with the right quantity for assembly production . And it is prone to Human error .
So a solution its needed to provide a faster turnaround time for the production operation to consolidate all necessary components for assembly production for various models and decrease the error for human factors.

In this particular deployment , the system assist the production operator to get all necessary components for assembly production without making mistakes due to Human error and also in shortest possible time.
The system deployed using JN5168, raises productivity level of the production operator.
The system also keep track of the Components stock levels and when require replenishment , it will raise a notification to the system.

Block Diagram



Category Zigbee
Product URL JN5169: ZigBee and IEEE802.15.4 wireless microcontroller with 512 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM 
Product Description The JN5169 is an ultra low power, high performance wireless microcontroller suitable for ZigBee applications.


Category LCD Driver
Product URL PCF8553DTT: 40 × 4 LCD segment driver 
Product Description PCF8553 is an ultra low-power LCD segment driver with 4 backplane- and 40 segment-driver outputs, with either an I²C- or an SPI-bus interface.
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