Touch Sense Interface for Kinetis KE15Z MCUs

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Touch Sense Interface for Kinetis KE15Z MCUs

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Touch Sense Interface for Kinetis KE15Z MCUs



NXP’s Touch Sense Interface (TSI) offers a complete solution to help easily integrate this growing ‘touch’ requirement on your next design. NXP’s touch software, offered as a middleware as part of the MCUXpresso SDK, is optimized to work with the Kinetis KE15Z MCU to deliver an easy-to-implement solution.

Product features

  • Advanced EMC robustness, pass IEC61000-4-6 standard test
  • Support both of Self-cap sensor and Mutual-cap sensor, up to 36 touch keys
  • Low BOM cost per touch key, no need for external devices
  • Adjustable touch sensing resolution and sensitivity, high performance for waterproof
  • Low power support

NXP recommends the following links for additional information

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