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Touch Board

Touch Board


The user interface of a product is a key element that design engineers need to address to provide a compelling user experience. Touchpads, slides and rotaries offer a more intuitive and effective way of user interaction than traditional buttons. And, designing a touch-based user interface is simplified with this NXP touch solution.

The touch function is more and more popular in the consumer market, especially in the white-good field. The KE15Z series of MCUs offers the Touch Sensing Interface (TSI) which recognizes finger touch by sensing capacitance changes.


  • Advanced EMC robustness, pass IEC61000-4-6 standard test
  • Supports both self-cap sensor and mutual-cap sensor, up to 36 touch keys
  • Low BOM cost per touch key, no need for external devices
  • Adjustable touch sensing resolution and sensitivity, high-performance for waterproof applications
  • Low-power support

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Arm Cortex-M0+|Kinetis KE1xZ 32-bit 5V MCUs with Touch Interface | NXP 

Product Description 1

The KE1xZ includes a robust TSI module which provides a high level of stability and accuracy to any HMI system. These MCUs support up to 256 KB flash, 32 KB RAM, and a complete set of analog/digital features.

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Arm® Cortex®-M0+|Kinetis® KW41Z 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Thread Zigbee Radio MCUs | NXP 

Product Description 1

The KW41Z is an ideal solution for true single-chip designs that require concurrent communication on both a Bluetooth Low Energy network and an 802.15.4-based network such as Thread and Zigbee.


KE15Z TSI Development for Low Power Applications: 


Touch Sense Interface for Kinetis KE15Z MCUs 


FRDM-KW41Z: Freedom Development Kit for Kinetis® KW41Z/31Z/21Z MCUsFRDM-KW41Z |Bluetooth Thread Zigbee enabled Freedom Development Kit | NXP 
FRDM-TOUCH: Touch Module for Freedom BoardFRDM-TOUCH|Touch Module for Freedom Board | NXP 
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