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Personal/Consumer NAS

Personal/Consumer NAS


   NXP’s Personal Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution enables portable personal storage to be shared through an internal protocol (IP) or Wireless network allowing users to share photos, data, stream music or videos, backup and recovery of data over the local area network in a completely secure environment. In addition, the solution can support gateway features such as packet forwarding, cloud connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE. This NAS solution offers significant advantages to consumer and SMB environments, including: Hardware-accelerated Raid for data parity and recovery, a reduced bill of materials (BOM) and ease-of-use associated with an IP network that most business and consumers already find familiar. Based on the QorIQ Layerscape LS1012A processor and the Network Attached Storage Application Solution Kit (ASK), the personal/consumer NAS solution offered by NXP allows developers to easily build storage applications leveraging the highly-optimized and feature rich ASK software stack along with the small form factor, low-power consumption and packet processing capabilities enabled by LS1012A processor.

NXP provides an integrated platform solution (SW and HW) helping the customer to reduce his time to market, increase security and increase performance by leveraging the packet accelerators within the QorIQ® Layerscape LS1012A processor while delivering high NAS performance and IP forwarding applications with reduced load on the Arm® core. In addition, NXP LS1012ARDB supports a full set of popular interfaces such as SATA, USB 3.0, PCIe and 2.5/1Gigabit Ethernet for LAN and WAN, allowing customers and operators to securely connect storage devices with the cloud.


  • Integrated Platform Solution
  • Commercial Market Proven Software Solution
  • Hardware Offloading
  • Popular Connectivity
  • Flexible and Optimized Software Architecture

Use Cases

  • Personal Storage
  • Consumer Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Consumer Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Battery Powered Portable NAS
  • Wireless Personal Storage
  • Media Gateway
  • Chip on Drive
  • Wi-Fi SSD and Small/Portable Drive
  • Ethernet Drives

Block Diagram



Category NameMPU
Product URLLayerscape LS1012A Communication Processor for the IoT | NXP 
Product DescriptionThe QorIQ® LS1012A processor, optimized for battery-backed or USB-powered, space-constrained networking and IoT applications

Category NameDC Regulator
Product URLMC34VR500 | Multi-Output DC/DC Regulator | NXP 
Product DescriptionThe NXP® MC34VR500 power management solution for network processor systems is a high-efficiency, quad buck regulator with up to 4.5 A output and five user-programmable LDOs.


QorIQ® LS1012A Development BoardQorIQ® LS1012A Development Board | NXP 
Layerscape FRWY-LS1012A boardFRWY-LS1012A Development Platform | NXP 
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