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Livestock Management

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Livestock Management



RFID enhances theft protection by giving each animal a unique, encrypted identification. Meat industry stakeholders can improve disease control by storing and updating vaccination and movement data directly into each animal’s chip, or by correlating the identification number with this information in the backend system. Such traceability ensures consumers healthy and tasty meat, with clear proof of origin.

The ability to track livestock and their movements allows governments to trace what occurs in the supply chain, and to tax each player appropriately. In the case of disease outbreaks, the technology makes it possible to identify which flocks have been affected, which helps to avoid unnecessary waste.

Application Benefits of RFID Livestock Management


  • Provides proof of origin
  • Verifies age and supports disease control
  • Automates handling at farm and auction house
  • Provides theft protection
  • Supports storage and updating of vaccination and movement data


RFID Features Beneficial to Application

  • Permanent identification
  • No line-of-sight requirement
  • Simultaneous multiple identification
  • Robust and suitable for harsh environments
  • Compliance with government mandates


Recommended Products


HITAG 2 transponder IC HT2x | NXP 
HITAG µ / Advanced / Advanced+ HTMS1x01 HTMS8x01 | NXP 
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