Industrial Diesel Engine Management

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Industrial Diesel Engine Management

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Industrial Diesel Engine Management


During critical processes, an industrial diesel engine management system that includes an electric generator can supply emergency power to all vital and selected loads as desired. Today, most state-of-the-art- hospitals, manufacturing plants, telecommunications organizations, data centers, emergency facilities, large industries, and mining companies require uninterrupted power and have backup diesel engine generators that are reliable.

As shown in the block diagram, NXP provides a full range of MCUs, barometric pressure sensors (BAP), and analog/mixed-signal IC drivers for improving diesel vehicle fuel economy, enhancing performance, and meeting emissions requirements in automotive applications.

However, the NXP industrial diesel engine management solution is equally applicable in other industrial applications by changing the input sensors and outputs that require control.

The NXP Industrial diesel engine management solution incorporates the MPC5777C Power Architecture® MCU that delivers advanced performance, timing systems, security, and functional safety capabilities. This includes a lockstep function that serves as a watchdog function to flag any problems with the MCU, support for advanced timers and ADCs, external memory, fault detection, and handling support, and the highest functional safety standards (ASIL-D) support. Together, this solution provides a reliable and high-performance solution to ensure your customers and their employees are safe.

Block Diagram


Recommended Products

MCUMPC5777C|Engine Control MCU | NXP 
Safety Power ManagementMC33905 | SBC Gen2 with High-Speed CAN and LIN | NXP 
Physical InterfaceTJA1021 | LIN2.1/SAE J2602 Transceiver | NXP 
Output DriverMC33800 | Engine Control Integrated Circuit | NXP 
Motor Driver H-BridgeMC33931 | H-Bridge Motor Driver | NXP 
MAP Sensor20 to 105kPa, Absolute, Integrated Pressure Sensor | NXP 
BAP Sensor-115 - 115kPa Gauge, Absolute Pressure Sensor | NXP 
Injector DriverMC33810 | Automotive Engine Control IC | NXP 
Input Signal and Sensor InterfaceMSDI | NXP 
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