Fail Safe Motor Control

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Fail Safe Motor Control

Fail Safe Motor Control


In the industrial world, it is critical to incorporate fail-safe technology where possible in applications such as crane steering machines, robotic lift, and assembly line robots to name a few. By doing so, you ensure you meet Safety Integrity Level (SIL) standards as found in the IEC 61508 standard. Also, you significantly increase human safety and protect products and property.

This fail Safe Motor Control solution incorporates the MPC574xP family of MCUs that delivers the highest functional safety standards for industrial applications. The MPC574xP family incorporates a lockstep function that serves as a watchdog function to flag any problems with the MCU including a programmable Fault Collection and Control Unit (FCCU) that monitors the integrity status of the MCU and provides flexible safe state control. Also, this device is a part of the SafeAssure® program, helping manufacturers achieve functional safety standard compliance.

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Recommended Products

Category Products Features
Power Switch 12XS2 | 12 V Low RDSON eXtreme Switch | NXP 
  • Watchdog and configurable Fail-safe mode by hardware Authentication time (on-chip calculations) < 50 ms
  • Programmable overcurrent trip level and overtemperature protection, undervoltage shutdown, and fault reporting
  • Output current monitoring
Pressure Sensor MPXHZ6130A|Pressure Sensor | NXP  The MPXHZ6130A series sensor integrates on-chip, bipolar op amp circuitry and thin-film resistor networks to provide a high output signal and temperature compensation for automotive, aviation, and industrial applications.
Temperature Sensor
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Long-term stability
  • Positive temperature coefficient; fail-safe behavior
MOSFET Pre-driver GD3000 |3-phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver | NXP 
  • Fully specified from 8.0 to 40 V covers 12 and 24 V automotive systems
  • Extended operating range from 6.0 to 60V covers 12 and 42 V systems
  • Greater than 1.0 A gate drive capability with protection
Power Management and Safety Monitoring MC33908 | Safe SBC | NXP 
  • Enhanced safety block associated with fail-safe outputs
  • Designed for ASIL D applications (FMEDA, Safety manual)
  • Secured SPI interface


Evaluation and Development Boards


Link Description
MPC5744P Development Kit for 3-phase PMSM | NXP  The NXP MTRCKTSPS5744P motor control development kit is ideal for applications requiring one PMSM motor, such as power steering or electric powertrain.
Evaluation daughter board - NXP MPC5744P, 32-bit Microcontroller | NXP  The KITMPC5744DBEVM evaluation board features the MPC5744P, which is the second generation of safety-oriented microcontrollers, for automotive and industrial safety applications
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