Electronic Shelf Labels

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Electronic Shelf Labels

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Electronic Shelf Labels



These shelf-mounted displays can be updated wirelessly, anywhere onsite, so there’s no more need for staff to manually change price labels or print, sort, and replace labels when prices change. Prices can also be set more strategically, with gradual markdowns or in response to competitor offers. RAIN RFID coexists with other onsite technologies, including WiFi, and NFC enables innovative marketing services such as geo-location, customer identification, and targeted offers in real time.






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PN7150 | High performance NFC controller for smart devices | NXP  PN7150 is the high-performance version of PN7120, the plug’n play NFC solution for easy integration into any OS environment, reducing Bill of Material (BOM) size and cost.
NTAG I2C | NXP  The NTAG I2C plus combines a passive NFC interface with a contact I2C interface.
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