3-Phase Hall Sensor PMSM Driver for E-Bike and Sensorless Solution for HV Motor-Based on KE02

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3-Phase Hall Sensor PMSM Driver for E-Bike and Sensorless Solution for HV Motor-Based on KE02

3-Phase Hall Sensor PMSM Driver for E-Bike and Sensorless Solution for HV Motor-Based on KE02


A bicycle with an integrated electric motor and a rechargeable battery, making it an eco-friendly, zero-emission vehicle ideal for smart cities. An important feature of an E-Bike is that it must be reliable and can be used for long periods.


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The Kinetis KE02 includes a powerful array of analog, communication and timing and control peripherals with specific flash memory size and the pin count. The K02 acts as a low-power, high-robustness, and cost-effective microcontroller with one 6-channel FlexTimer/PWM and two 2-channel FlexTimer/PWM.

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Arm® Cortex®-M4|Kinetis® K64 120 MHz 32-bit MCUs | NXP 

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Kinetis® K64-120 MHz, 256 KB SRAM Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M4 Core


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Gate driver

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The GD3000 is a gate driver IC for three-phase motor drive applications providing three half-bridge drivers, each capable of driving two N-channel MOSFETs.


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LED Driver

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The PCA9955B is an I2C-bus controlled 16-channel constant current LED driver optimized for dimming and blinking 57 mA Red/Green/Blue/Amber (RGBA) LEDs in amusement products. Each LED output has its own 8-bit resolution (256 steps) fixed frequency individual PWM controller that operates at 31.25 kHz with a duty cycle that is adjustable from 0 % to 100 % to allow the LED to be set to a specific brightness value.


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Logic USB Type-C Configuration Channel

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PTN5150 is a small thin low power CC Logic chip supporting the USB Type-C connector application with Configuration Channel (CC) control logic detection and indication functions. The PTN5150 enables USB Type-C connector to be used in both host and device ends of the Type-C cable


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Current-Limited Power Switch

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The NX5P3290 includes under-voltage lockout, over-temperature protection, and reverse current protection circuits to automatically isolate the switch terminals when a fault condition occurs.


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A71CH | Plug and Trust for IoT | NXP 

Product Description 1

Plug and Trust - The fast, easy way to deploy secure IoT connections


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PN5180 | Full NFC Forum-compliant frontend IC | NXP 

Product Description 1

Full NFC Forum-compliant frontend IC


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GPIO Expander

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PCAL6534 | Level translating GPIO Expander | NXP 

Product Description 1

Ultra-low-voltage, level translating, 34-bit I2C-bus/SMBus I/O expander


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NFC smartcard

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Product Description 1

Secure, contactless multi-application IC with an enhanced feature set for Smart City applications

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