PN5180 ISO15693 ICODE SLIX read NDEF sections ?

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PN5180 ISO15693 ICODE SLIX read NDEF sections ?

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Hi All !

Can you please tell me how to read using PN5180 ISO15693 ICODE SLIX - NDEF sections?

The guys used to answer me about reading a lot of labels without collisions, they gave the SPI pseudo code, maybe there is such a thing here?

Please tell me where can I read, see, try?




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @Alansbor77 .

Please kindly refer to 

NFC Reader Library: Software Support for NFC Frontend Solutions 

for the detail code example.

Have a nice day.



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Hello fangfang
Thanks a lot for the link, I went to study.



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