MFRC631 Power Setting

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MFRC631 Power Setting

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Hi All,

Using MFRC63102HN,151 and attempting to reduce the power output on the transmitter. I am currently configured with "set_cw_amplitude" to 0: TVDD-100mV, the highest power setting. This is located in register 0x29h TxAmp. With new settings I put "set_cw_amplitude" to 3: TVDD-1000mV and additionally cleared Cwmax to 0. Cwmax is located in register 0x2Ah TxCon

When I did comparisons between the two with a spectrum analyzer there was no difference in output power. I don't have a great idea of how much of a delta there should have been, but I was expecting there to be some difference. Can anyone advise if I am missing something?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi  @nmamore,

You are correct, a prominent difference should be present.

Please help me with more information about the case, could you provide images of these measurements, and how are you measuring them? Is this with an oscilloscope?

What configuration is left for set_residual_carrier?

Also, please help me confirming your Transmitter Power Supply (TDD) is between 3.3 and 5.0 V, as this is the recommended range of voltage.

Best regards,

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