CLRC663 - Selecting an AID on a DESFire EV1/2 transponder

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CLRC663 - Selecting an AID on a DESFire EV1/2 transponder

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I'm writing a CLRC663 driver for use on a Microchip P18 via SPI.

I have implemented basic MIFARE classic read/write functionallity and RATS/ATS + PPS for MIFARE DESFire, but when trying to select an AID (including 000000) I get absolutely no response from the DESFire EV2 card.

The same is true for the GetVersion and GetAIDs commands which I have also tried with and without ADPU wrapper.

The commands are all from the DESFire EV1 datasheet (Company Confidential version from docstore).

I have extended the timeout time beyond 30 ms, but with the same lack of response.

The NXP documentation is not quite clear on whether to add CRC16 on not, but that is descriped in the NFC Cockpit guide so CRC16 is added.

If you have an idea or a hint it would be much appreciated.



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I got exactly the same issue. Could you find any solution for it?

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