How to use TJA1103A in S32K358 with RGMII

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How to use TJA1103A in S32K358 with RGMII

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Problem description:

  1. The TJA1103 RXC has a normal output 25MHz clock to the S32K358 MAC. After initialize and enable the GMAC module, the program enters Eth_TInitPhy() smoothly, but the Search for the PHY ID fails. PHY ADDRESS not found Theoretically PHYID=27 is read. Both phy_reg_val0 and phy_reg_val1 are read as invalid values [0]65535.
  2. We tried to modify the value of modeleClk in the program from 45M to 80Mhz,125hz,160Mhz. The MDC frequencies captured by the oscilloscope all correspond to 6Mhz,5M,2.5M, 1.5M, which should be less than 2M according to the manual description. But nothing seems to have worked
  3. The GAMC failed to read the PHY ID, and GMAC sent to the PHY to capture the TXC clock



 S32K358(16Mhz external crystal)


  • TJA1103A Ethernet PHY(25MHz crystal)


TJA1103 pin strapping CONFIG0-CONFIG6 all open, by zhe way,TXC has no clk out but RXC has clk in .

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seems the same is discussed at

BR, Petr

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