why "flexcan_s32k14x.mdl" CAN no message observed

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why "flexcan_s32k14x.mdl" CAN no message observed

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why "flexcan_s32k14x.mdl" CAN no message  observed based on s32k144EVB-Q100 and MBD toolbox version 4.0.0,matlab2016b,compiled debug by S32DS IDE. j107 pin1 /2 connected  and power supply by j16 ;can line through j13,but no message send out .


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi @642142357@qq.com,

How do you download the example to the board?

I see that Download Code after Build option from the MBD config blocks is off.

To download to the board using OpenSDA follow this steps:

   1. Connect the S32K144 DevKit board to the PC.

   2. Select Download Code after Build option.

   3. Select OpenSDA for Download Interface parameter.

   4. Press Refresh button to update the list of OpenSDA connected devices.

   5. Select the corresponding OpenSDA Drive name for EVB-S32K144.

   6. Close the main MBD Config block block parameters dialog by pressing OK button.

   7. Build your model.


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