Suggest adding wrapper blocks for HSD, LSD, MSDI, TPL chips to MPC57xx MBDT

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Suggest adding wrapper blocks for HSD, LSD, MSDI, TPL chips to MPC57xx MBDT

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I am thankful we got help and were not blocked from getting SPI communication with HSD and LSD chips working: 

Longer term, it would benefit the community to have the complexity of the interface encapsulated in LSD/HSD/MSDI/TPL chip-specific blocks for MPC5777C in the toolbox we could drop into our model, knowing they would just work. Otherwise, every team has repeat this work, including the learning curve.

Even now, though I am able to send SPI messages to the chip, I still do not understand how to get status and other SPI message output from the chip.  Perhaps well written C code would have to be part of the implementation for these blocks to work smoothly. It turns out getting two-way SPI communication to work well is hard.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @rsating 

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions!

Indeed, it will be very helpful if we would offer such support for different chips. As I've explained in the mentioned thread, right now I can't help you more with the communication because I don't have access to that device.

However, for the mentioned behavior, I think the fastest solution you can have comes from MathWorks. They have a great and easy system of custom code insertion . This means that if you have a C code that you want to insert in the generated code of your model (in our case, we talk about the NXP SDK for the CD1030) you can do so directly from your model. We also have an article here in which we tried to give an example on our toolbox.

I hope this will help you to solve the communication issue!



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