JTAG model

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JTAG model

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Good day, community. I have simple question: is it possible to get/download from somewhere file MC9S12XET256mal.model (it's not .bsdl, just .model) for JTAG testing? Or maybe you can give me some good advice in searching for this model. I just can’t find it anywhere.

P.S. I'm sorry if this question is not interesting enough.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi potapkin@tecon.ru‌,

There are no such things as "not interesting enough" :-)

In this community we address the issues/questions related with MATLAB/Simulink Model Based Design (PIL-SIL-HIL Rappid Prototyping)

For your questions, i think it would be better to add a Service Request here: https://www.nxp.com/support/support:SUPPORTHOME 

Hope you will find answer via dedicated support channels.

Best regards,