modifying bsp fails

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modifying bsp fails

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I set up a new MQX project and drag and droped the bsp and psp for my tower into the worksapce.


Because I want to connect to the onboard accelerometer, I used the processor expert to add the library for the i2c interface. After generating the codes and recompiling the bsp the following error occurres:

C:/Freescale/Freescale_MQX_4_2/mqx/source/io/debug/iodebug_asm.S:58: Warning: ignoring changed section attributes for .text

And I have no idea how to handle this!!?? Has anyone else an idea?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Niklas Roth,

In order to use i2c you have two options.

1. Use the mqx I2C I/O Driver: This driver supports the I2C interface in both master and slave mode. If enabled in user configuration, the I2C driver is

installed during the BSP startup code as the "i2cx" in polled mode and as the "ii2cx" in interrupt mode where "x" stands for a

specified I2C channel number). Example applications are provided in the MQX RTOS source tree for both master and slave


2. Using Processor expert: You need to create a new driver using PE, in order to do that,  please check the below document  (section USING PROCESSOR EXPERT IN ORDER TO CREATE A DRIVER)  This doc is for PWM but the process is similar for other modules.

How to generate PWM signal using MQX

I hope this helps,

Have a great day,

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