Question About MAC57D5xx

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Question About MAC57D5xx

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We're Considering MAC57D5xx For Instrument Cluster Integrated With Head Unit. First We Need Video Over Video Feature Which Will Need Overlay 2 Input Video / OSD Upon Video In Resolution 1920*1080P. I See Reference Manual Says Then Datasheet Says Supports 2 x WVGA Displays WVGA Mean Resolution Lower Then 1024*800. And From Reference Manual / Datasheet Here Is No Definite Specification About Frame Rate Support Up To. Can You Help To Confirm My Questions


We Need To Inverse The Horizontal And Vertical For Portrait 12.1 Inch Display. As Mentioned We Want To Design Cluster / Infotainment Device Integration MAC57D5xx Will Be Used For Display Control. Can MAC57D5xx  Support Invert H Total To V Total To Rotate Display?

About Layer. What Is The Purpose Layers Of 2D-ACE Designed For? Can We Use That For Picture Over Picture / Picture In Picture?

Is Here Standalone Debug Interface For M4 / A5 / M0? How Can We Port OS (RTOS) / Firmware To Each Of Codes? How Can They Communicate With Each Others?

Do You Have 2D-ACE Register Table Or Initiation Use Sample Codes To Be Added Upon OS / Firmware?


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