Mac dev environnement for MCP5748G

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Mac dev environnement for MCP5748G

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Dear NXP hello,

Is there any alternative for S32 Design Studio on Mac os please,

I have a mac machine and I won't install a virtual machine just for this purpose

Thank you in advance

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Unfortunately, NXP never got around to porting S32DS to MacOS. It's unfortunate, ST ported their Eclipse based tools (CubeMX) to Mac, Windows, and Linux. Actually, in the early days, we'd rename the linux Java files and execute them on MacOS without too much problem.

But for now, if you use Parallels or VMWare Fusion and have Windows in a VM, you end up with a much more stable system than if you were to use Windows natively. Then you end up with the good development tools from xCode on the Mac side, and the minimal added tools that come with S32DS.

BTW, the version of gcc that comes with S32DS is really out of date, but does work. You might want to use gcc 10 on the Mac side for its better error detection features over the 4.x that comes with S32DS.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @InHome 

I can't see an option. S32DS supports only Windows and Linux. I can see that the situation is the same in case of GreenHills Multi IDE, for example. I'm afraid that the only solution is to use virtual machine.



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