MPC5748G SPI using dma not working

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MPC5748G SPI using dma not working

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MPC5xxx  all, I have to read 252 bytes of data over SPI using dma and need to return same amount of data 252 byte back to Master module. 

My SPI channel is configured as slave and it can transfer 16 bits of data. My microcontroller is MPC5748G.

It will be great if you can suggest me TCD structure for RX and TX. I am currently receiving 252 bytes correctly but the TCD structure I am using for Treansmission is sending 8 byte of data & remaining 244 byte are repeated with 8th byte of data. It looks like dma transfer first 8 byte of data but then nothing works. 

Please guide me on this issue. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Could you share with us your DMA TCD configuration,

I have a feeling that you are not incrementing source address.



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