MPC5606 CAN_3 doesn't work


MPC5606 CAN_3 doesn't work

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I'm using 3 CAN modules(CAN_1, CAN_3, CAN_4) in MPC5606. I find it strange that module CAN_3 doesn't work while CAN_1 and CAN_1 could Tx and Rx normally. And our hardware engineer has proved the hardware is very well. I wonder if there is something different between CAN_3 and other CAN modules. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I assume you have MPC5606B device. There should be no difference in CAN_3. What do you mean by "CAN_3 doesn't work" in fact? Module cannot be configured, does not leave Freeze mode, errors are detected (if yes which one)?

You can do following to check basic setting...

- are you able to write CAN_3 registers? Check if the module is clocked, see MC_ME module. 

- do you use proper pad setting in the SIUL? you can try connect CAN_3 TX/RX pin together, without transceiver and send message. You should see message there.

BR, Petr

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