Example MPC5775K PinToggleStationery S32DS_1.0

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Example MPC5775K PinToggleStationery S32DS_1.0

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Example MPC5775K PinToggleStationery S32DS_1.0


* Detailed Description:

* Application performs basic initialization, setup PLL to maximum allowed freq.,

* start both Z7 cores, interrupts initialization, blinking three LED by interrupts,

* initializes and display notice via UART terminal and then terminal ECHO.

* Each core serves one interrupt and one LED.


* The example configures the device for maximum performance by initialization of

* instruction/data cache and enabling of branch prediction for each core

* (startup.s files).


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:         MPC5775K-356DS, MPC57xx Motherboard

* MCU:             PPC5775KMMY3A 0N38M

* Terminal:        19200-8-no parity-1 stop bit-no flow control on LINFlexD_0

* Fsys:            PLL0 266MHz

*                    Z4 Core 133MHz

*                    Both Z7 Cores 266MHz

* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32

*                  PeMicro USB-ML-PPCNEXUS

* Target:          internal_FLASH (debug mode, release mode)

* EVB connection:  USER LED1 connected to P19.0, LED2 connected to P19.5

*                  LED3 connected to P19.8

*                  For correct UART functionality connect:

*                  J14.2 to P12.6

*                  J13.2 to P12.7



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