AN5200 - Error Correcting Codes Implemented on MPC55xx and MPC56xx

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AN5200 - Error Correcting Codes Implemented on MPC55xx and MPC56xx


Hi, about there is not much documentation. Thank you for your attitude.

I am using MPC5634M, CW10.2 and SSD C90LC. When I over program the flash it is possible to occur EER. The disposed examples with MPC56XX_C90LC_JDP_SSD_100_DEVD or your ECC_preliminary are not simulating EER in e200z335 core. Or there are missing files (in your projects) or there are no practical routine to do this (in SSD drive).

If you can help ...

I am not sure if you speak about 2b ECC error injection (because it described in chapter 6.2 and example for MPC5643L have it shown in function Generate_noncorrectable_FLASH_ECC_error) or your question is related to certain ECC error reporting flags (EER) implemented in flash memory controller. I consider these flags as redundant thus I haven't mentioned them in the appnote. Also I haven't used SSD driver for simplicity, but you can inject ECC error with SSD driver, the principle is the same.

SOLVED. Your code is running properly, but my did not run properly.

The problem was completly different. Whe I downloaded (twice) your code was corrupted.Today I download it again and I could see it running. Then I translate your code to my application with SSD. Everithing is working now. I wanted  Exceprion_Handlers to correct corrupted flash block, that works.

Thank you.

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