MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table

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MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table

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MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table

MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table

Supported devices and boards can also be viewed by searching within the MCUXpresso SDK Builder, please visit


Dear all,

We are planning future designs and would like to know if there is an existing roadmap for KEA kinetis automotive microcontrollers software support. As far as I now, there is not KSDK support so far and can not find any roadmap.

Could you please share more details on this?

Best regards!

There are no plans to expand KSDK or MCUXpresso to cover KEA devices. There is an SDK from the Auto group that covers these devices with auto specific software.



Thank you for your answer. We must plan a simple automotive product based on Cortex-M0+ and would like to count with KSDK and CAN bus controller apart from other basic peripherals, FreeRTOS would also be a must. Which would be the best approach in this case? We would like to evaluate KEA128 and KE06Z but would like to have as much information as possible beforehand to make the right decision. As far as I have seen, there are no plans to create a KSKD for KE06Z either, is this right?



Hello Alvaro,

Speaking for the KEA128:

The right development environment for automotive MCUs is the S32 Design Studio: S32 Design Studio

For the KEA parts we have currently the following runtime software available:

- LIN Driver

- CAN Driver

- Motor Control Libraries

- Flash Driver

- EEPROM emulation


KEA Software

There is no plan to offer FreeRTOS for this device.

For our new products of the S32K Family (Cortex-M4 and in the future also M0+) we do have a comprehensive SDK automotive qualified with FreeRTOS support.

Please visit S32K page for more information about these devices.



Dear All,

I find config clock tool of K02 in device table is released but I try to use in kinetis expert and I found MCU is not supported.

Is config clock tool of K02 available now?




Hi NXP team,

Will MCUX fully support all of the devices mentioned in the list starting from March ? I am particularly interested in the LPC11C24 - will this device be fully supported in March ?

Thank you.

Regards, Adam

Hi Adam,

Yes, all the Cortex M LPC parts currently at production status will be supported in the March release.



That is great Brendon, Thank you !

I didn't see LPC546xx in supported devices.

I see a bug: the PDF file is empty!

LPC546xx might be overkill for what you need, but is coming in LQFP100 and BGA100 package options and has MCUXpresso SDK support.

PDF is fixed now. It's just a PDF copy of the Excel file.

Hello, how to support MKE02&MKE04 series, SDK is not available for this two series!



1)Can you give me any link or provide me a SDK or Drivers for KEA?

2)Also Please tell us why KEA is not supported by KSDK or MCUxpreso and Why there are no plans to do it?

3)Please tell us what is the Lifecycle or Longevity for KEA family?

Unfortunately, I dont see support for other Cortex M devices. And excel table says Not Planned for most of them. It seems like a great tool and I would really like to see support for CortexM0/M0+ devices as well. Great graphical representation of used pins which would help in designing the optimized routing for PCB and register set values for selecting proper clock output .. Hope you will update the SW at some point with support for "older" MCU's.

So we're using MK22FX512VLH12 which along with a few of it's buddies is 'Not Planned' for MCUX support, which is a little sad for us.  How much of a big deal is it to add support, and can we do it ourselves if not?  Or how can we request support be added?


On the column "Config Tool - Perihpheral" there is "Available", "coming soon" and "-". What does "-" mean?

Any plans on adding MKV5 family support to peripheral config tool?

Hello !

I can see in XLS that MK81 is fully supported by MCUXpresso right now. But Config tools is not ready yet.

Do I understand right that by Config tool is possible to configure all public set of clock/peripherals ( like for K82 ) as usually and new IDE and SDK 2.3.1 are full functional and strongly recommended for new design ? 

Or it is difficult to continue with K81 and MCUXpresso and better to stay with KDS and old SDK  ?

Please highlight in more details what is current support level for K81 in MCUExpresso and SDK 3.2.1.




please stay tuned, in few days a new version of Config Tools should be released.



Hi brendonslade‌,

I'm confused, I still don't see any ability to use the Config tools for any of the LPC43xx series (looking to use it for the LPC4330FET100). Am I doing something wrong? Or has this not been released yet?

LPC43xx devices arent supported by the SDK, so dont have the MCUXpresso config tools. There is an LPC initialization tool for olde rLPc parts that dont have SDK support, which should help you with configuration register settings:

LPC Initialization Tool|NXP 


this table says MKE02Z64VQH2 is supported and SDK is available. But It's not in SDK builder. What can I do?


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