Inquiry regarding RDK-S32R274 Automotive Radar Reference Platform

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Inquiry regarding RDK-S32R274 Automotive Radar Reference Platform

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We are trying to detect surrounding objects (cars, pedestrians ... ) using Range-Doppler level radar data and camera images in automotive applications.

For this purpose, we are trying to mount up an FMCW radar on our vehicle platform and use it for sensor fusing with the image to detect the surrounding vehicles.

We are looking for the FMCW radar that gives both ‘Range-Azimuth heatmap data (by digital beamforming) and object level data (after clustering and tracking)’ that captured at the same time.(it is okay if the object level data need be processed offline)

As mentioned, our research scope is not to develop a radar, but to detect objects using Range-Azimuth radar data (to replace a LiDAR).

Therefore, we have not expertise in radar, and we are worried about setting appropriate parameters for chirp and detection algorithms such as CFAR, MUSIC....

Is it possible to get advice for choosing appropriate parameters for detecting cars, pedestrians as commercial automotive radars if we purchase your products?

To sum up,

   1. Could we get access raw level (Range-Azimuth) data by using your Software Development Kit?

   2. Could we log both of them (raw-level & high-level data) at the same time?

   3. If it is possible, How is the frame rate when we get both of the data?

   4. Could you provide preset parameters for chirp and detection algorithm? (We need a similar specification as           commercial automotive radar, such as BOSCH or Continental)

   5. Price of the sensor (roughly) if we buy under 10 products.

There are a lot of questions because I'm not a radar expert. I would appreciate it if you could explain it in an understandable way. And I would appreciate it if I could know a rough price. Thank you for reading.

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