LS1021atwr slow boot time from norflash


LS1021atwr slow boot time from norflash

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I am using LSDK2012 to generate the boot firmware and verify it on the LS1021atwr board. The uboot version used by LSDK2012 is 2020.04. The board is powered on and booted from norflash. It takes about 15s to print information on the debugging serial port, and I use the same version of uboot After booting from SD card, the boot information is output soon, so what is the problem?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I didn't reproduce this problem on my LS1021ATWR.

I used u-boot image from LSDK 21.08.

U-Boot 2021.04-ge2eba0cd58 (Aug 27 2021 - 21:50:31 +0800)

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