Enabling 5G Module on Layerscape Platforms


Enabling 5G Module on Layerscape Platforms

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Want to use 5G module on Layerscape platform? The attached Application Notes will help you to do this.

This AN will help you:

1.  Set the 5G environment on Layerscape platforms

2.  Connect 5G modules to Layerscape platforms.

3.  Install the software required for 5G modules and 5G test on
OK1028A-C v1.1 and OK1046A-C2 v1.1 boards. The boards come
from a third-part company, Forlinx, and they can be bought at


4.  The test process and the reference result of the test

The patches for 5G modules are based on linux kernel v5.4.49. You may change a little bit if you are not using this kernel.

Have fun with 5G modules.


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