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Hello everyone.

I have a doubt.

I can't conceptually understand what to do and what to use in order to make a custom boot.

i'm working with QorIQ LS1043ARDB board.

I am writing to ask you for information on how to create a completely customized boot, using software tools made available by NXP.

I would like to generate a custom boot from SD.

By custom boot I mean that after the PBL, which loads me the RCW and the PBI commands, I would like to start my personal program that prints the simply word "Hello" by UART instead of starting U-Boot.


Meanwhile, I try to clarify the nomenclature:

  • Is it right to call the phase of the pre-boot loader (PBL), which takes care of loading RCW in its appropriate register and executing the PBI commands with the word BOOTROM?

  • While U-Boot is a very complex Bootloader, almost similar to an Operating System (OS)

In general I made a boot from SD using flex-builder.

But with flex-builder you create a classic sd boot, that is with a default PBL (in which, if desired, RCW can be modified and / or PBI commands can be entered)and the preset U-Boot bootloader.

I have not fully mastered flex-builder, but I know how to be able to modify RCW and / or enter PBI commands in the PBL.

  1. Can I generate only the part of the PBL with flex-builder?

  2. What is the best way to write a bootloader for the platform I'm working on?
  3. Can I merge the generated part of the PBL with the part of the bootloader customized by me later?

  4. is it possible to create an image file (.img) by combining the bootROM and the bootloader?

  5. Are there any software tools made available by NXP to be able to do such a thing?

  6. Is flex-builder capable of doing all this?

  7. If flex-builder manages to do it, is there a guide explaining it how to do it?
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

If my understanding is right, you just want to replace uboot with your own bootrom. If so, it maybe is feasible to customize your bootrom based on uboot, that is, you can modify any code of uboot and integrate your own code in uboot, you can even customize the work flow of bootrom according to your own requirements.

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