UEFI Bootloader on LS ARMv8 Platforms

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UEFI Bootloader on LS ARMv8 Platforms

UEFI Bootloader on LS ARMv8 Platforms

Getting RCW image:

Getting UEFI image:                             

Getting PPA image:

Getting Linux kernel and DTB, and Root FS images:

- Download Image , fsl-ls1043a-uefi-rdb.dtb and fsl-image-core-ls1043ardb.ext2.gz .

Copy Image and fsl-image-core-ls1043ardb.ext2.gz to the TFTP server directory.

Getting GRUB2 image for AARCH64 and sample GRUB configuration:

- Download grub image from this location.

- Download sample grub configuration from here .

Placing GRUB image on FAT formatted SD card:

Install FAT32 file system on SD card

- Use the DISKPART utililty on windows command prompt to format a SD card with FAT32 file system. Use the following snapshot for reference

- Copy grubaa64.efi and ls1043a-grub.cfg to the SD card.

Booting to UEFI prompt on LS1043a RDB Board:

  1. Boot to u-boot prompt from NOR flash bank 0 on LS1043a RDB. 

Setup serial port connection on host machine, to capture logs from the target LS1043a RDB board..
Reset the board to boot u-boot on bank 0, assuming that there is a valid u-boot image flashed on the primary bank 0.

  1. Copy Images to NOR flash alternate bank using u-boot commands

sete uefi 'tftp 80000000 LS1043ARDB_EFI.fd; erase 0x64400000 0x644FFFFF ; cp.b 80000000 0x64400000 $filesize'

sete rcw 'tftp 80000000 rcw_uefi_1500.bin; erase 0x64000000 0x640FFFFF ; cp.b 80000000 0x64000000 $filesize'

sete ppa 'tftp 80000000 ppa.itb; erase 0x64500000 0x645FFFFF ; cp.b 80000000 0x64500000 $filesize'

sete dtb 'tftp 80000000 fsl-ls1043a-uefi-rdb.dtb; erase 0x65B00000 0x65BFFFFF; cp.b 80000000 65B00000 $filesize'

run uefi

run ppa

run rcw

run dtb

Note: The host machine is assumed to be having tftp server running, with the relevant files in place. The rcw, uefi, dtb and ppa images can also be found at compass link shared above.

Note: Make sure SD card is inserted into the SD card slot on the board.

  1. Reset RDB to boot from NOR flash bank 4

=> cpld reset altbank

  1. You should get UEFI boot prompt, as shown in the image below. Enter 2 to load Shell.
  2. On the Shell prompt run the following commands

Shell> FS0:


Shell> ls

  1. You should see a list of the grub executable and configurations files present on SD card.

Booting Linux via PXE on LS1043a RDB:

Note: atftpd or tftpd-hpa, is required as tftp server for PXE boot to work. tftpd is not supported. 

  1. Load grub by entering the name of the grub executable.

Shell> grubaa64.efi

  1. On the grub prompt, setup the server and client IPs for TFTP transfer.

grub> set net_default_server=<server_ip>

grub> net_add_addr eno0 efinet0 <client_ip>

  1. Load the grub configuration.

grub> configfile (hd3,msdos1)/ls1043a-grub.cfg

  1. Grub menu is listed. Choose the entry for liinux boot. See the snapshot below for reference.
  2. Linux boot should start in around 7-8 minutes. Data transfer speed is around 100 KB/s.
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