QorIQ LSDK Introduction


QorIQ LSDK Introduction


QorIQ LSDK Introduction

QorIQ LSDK is NXP new generation of SDK for Layerscape productions, consists of a set of disaggregated components based on Linux distributions, meets market demand to more Linux distributions of more types, and satisfy the requirement from a wide variety of customers.
In LSDK we use Flexbuild to build all packages from LSDK, make root filesystem and generate the installer.
This document introduces the basic concept of LSDK, comparison between LSDK and Yocto SDK, how to use LSDK, plan and roadmap of LSDK.

1. Basic Concept of LSDK

1.1 LSDK Specific features

1.2 LSDK Components

1.3 LSDK Images Memory Map

2. Comparison Between Layerscape SDK and QorIQ Yocto SDK

3. How to Usage LSDK

3.1 LSDK Flexbuild Utility

3.2 Build LSDK using Flexbuild

3.3 Deploy LSDK Images on the Target Board

3.4 Add a Package using Flexbuild

4. Layerscape SDK Roadmap


LSDK/Flexbuild are absolute garbage. What is the point of having manifest files if board-specific logic is sprinkled throughout the build scripts. And the distribution model is totally broken. The decision to focus on LSDK over Yocto should be revisited.

Finally a good step aside from Yocto kludge

I have a feeling that flex-builder is written (secretly?) by one person: Shengzhou Liu.

After a week work reversing what flex-builder was doing,

I have a buildroot-only 2019.08 build ( rootfs+u-boot+kernel+...) for LX2160ARDB running from SD card.

Thanks, Shengzhou Liu !

p.p. Could you try limiting the compiled packages/blobs only relevant to the selected architecture ?

For example, for lx2160a I got ppfe, fmc  despite of being DPAA2 only ...


‎10-10-2017 12:20 AM