LPC-Link 2 Configuration Tool

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LPC-Link 2 Configuration Tool

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LPC-Link 2 Configuration Tool

The LPC-Link 2 Configuration Tool (LCT) has been replaced by LPCScrypt and should no longer be used. This content is provided for informational purposes only.

The LPC-Link 2 Configuration Tool (LCT) is a Windows tool that installs the CMSIS-DAP/VCOM/LPCSIO or JLINK firmware on LPCXpresso V2/V3 and LPC-Link 2 boards. This package provides the Link Configuration Tool, all necessary Windows drivers, a User Manual, and the source and project files to rebuild the programming algorithm firmware used by the LCT. The V2 version provides expanded capability for LPCXpresso V2/V3 boards with improvements to CMSIS-DAP, a UART bridge connected to the target processor (LPCXpresso V2/V3 boards only), and a LPCSIO bridge that provides communication to I2C and SPI slave devices on LPCXpresso V3 boards. For LPC-Link 2 boards, an updated version of CMSIS-DAP provides faster programming and more stable operation. This version also adds support for J-Link - please see SEGGER's website for more information: for lpc-link2 boardsand for LPCXpresso V2/V3 boards.



Firmware included in this package:

  • LPCXpresso V2/V3 boards: CMSIS-DAP debugger + VCOM (UART bridge connected to target processor) + LPCSIO bridge (I2C + SPI + GPIO bridge connected to target processor)
  • LPC-Link 2 boards: CMSIS-DAP firmware
  • LPC-Link 2 and LPCXpresso V2 and V3 boards: J-Link firmware




Hi Diana,

    Thank you for the software sharing.

    I have a question about it, does this tool can support the LPC54618 chip DFU programming directly?

   One of customers use the DFU programmer download code, but after reset, the code is not working, so I want to know whether it support LPC54618 DFU program or not?

   Any reply will be appreciated.


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