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Launch Configuration Menu

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Within each LPCXpresso project, there will be a "launch configuration file" for each build variant, which is used to store the settings for a debug connection for that build configuration. These will be created in the root directory of a project the first time that you launch a debug session for that project and are typically called "<projname> Debug.launch" and "<projname> Release.launch".

Normally, there is no need to touch the launch configurations, as the default settings created by the tools will be suitable.

However in some circumstances, you may need to modify them - typically under direction from an FAQ. In such cases, the best way to do this is via the "Launch Configurations" entry on the context sensitive menu available from the Project Explorer view...


A number of options are available here:

  • Edit current
    • Allows various debug settings to be modified
    • We do not recommend this for normal use unless you are explicitly instructed.
  • Create New
    • Creates launch configurations for the selected project, if they do not already exist.
    • Normally you will not need this option as it is carried out automatically the first time that you debug your project. However if you Delete your launch configuration and want to then edit a new default launch configuration before debugging, then you will need to use this option to do so.
  • Create and Open New
    • Allows new launch configurations to be created and immediately opened for editing.
  • Delete Current
    • Allows the launch configurations for the selected project (or projects) to be deleted.
    • This can be useful as it allows you to put the debug connection settings back to the default after making modifications for some reason, or if you are moving your project to a new version of the tools, and want to ensure that your debug settings are correct for this version of the tools.
  • Delete JTAG Configuration
    • Allows the JTAG configuration files for the selected project (or projects) to be deleted. These files are stored in the Debug/Release subdirectories.

Editing a launch Configuration

WARNING - Modifying the default settings for a launch configuration can prevent a successful debug connection from being made. Make changes with care!

After selecting the "Edit current" or "Create and Open New" launch configuration menu entry, you will then see a new dialog box pop up, which looks like the following...


Most settings that you may need to modify can be found in the Debugger tab, in the Target configuration sub-tab (as shown in the above screenshot).

Some examples of modifications that you may need to make in particular circumstances are :

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