Incompatible Launch Configuration

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Incompatible Launch Configuration

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LPCXpresso IDE uses "launch configuration" files to store the settings used for starting a debug session. There will be a launch configuration file for each build configuration within a project, typically Debug and Release.

Launch configuration files created with earlier versions of LPCXpresso incompatible with LPCXpresso IDE v6. If you try to start a debug session for a project which contains an old launch configuration, then LPCXpresso v6 will give an error message :

Cannot start debugger

Incompatible launch configuration

In this case you will need to delete the existing launch configurations from the project. In most circumstances LPCXpresso IDE will then recreate a new set of launch configuration files the next time you start a debug session.

For more information on launch configurations and how to delete them, please see:

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